I was made by you. That is a fate that can’t be changed. But I CAN fight to my last breath. And I will do just that!


Tonight, i’m gonna finish this small artwork for my december solo show.

Then tomorrow i’ll start creating my few graphite pieces for the upcoming group show “spirit animals” in portland tomorrow. I need to beat art deadlines! Oh happy busy productive day! 😉💕



A movie about a bunch of cute lolitas running a huge drug cartel in order to afford their clothes

Breaking Brand



haha really though i love love love! tumblr user novakion she is my sunshine and everything i could ever want in a girl :-) it’s around 3 years now with the bae <3333 the love of my life<33333 you’re the best babygirl!

im going to slip into your bedroom at night and slit your throat so sweetly you won’t even wake, proceed to forcefully attach your spirit to an object and repeadetly summon and douse you in salt and beat you with a tire iron until all you know

all you breath

is misery

Hey buddy woah why are you threatening yourself are you alright